Million Dollar Speaker Summit
June 8-10, 2018
Orange County, CA
ATTENTION: Movers and shakers, rain-makers, high-achievers, inspired leaders, and legacy leavers...
Learn How to Make Millions with Your Message, Lead a Movement, and Create a Revolutionary Legacy With Your Words.
You are about to discover the most powerful tool on the planet and how to use it to become a high-profile leader and build a million dollar business by
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“You just got to come, this training is priceless…”
-Sarah Hyde
“I’m blown away, I thought I knew how to do it…” 
-Chris Steely
“Learn the number one lead generating strategy, the right way!”  -Craig Valine
“This is one of the best seminars I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many…”  -Dr. Allen Miller
Yes, that's right! Public speaking is the oldest, high-paying profession on the planet. Many professionals think that public speaking means you learn how to become a paid speaker and wait and wait for those high-paying speaker gigs. NO!!!! There are multiple ways you can use public speaking to make millions! 
Here are a few million dollar ideas on how you can use speaking to...
  • Explode your business growth
  • Attract more high-paying clients
  • Change lives for a living
  • Inspire and influence positive change
  • Generate endless leads and referrals 
  • Leave your mark on the world
  • Create change and become a legacy leader
  • Dominate your competition
  • Make massive revenues in half the time
  • Stand out as the leading authority in your industry
  • Make a life-lasting impact and impression
  • Create a ripple effect for generations to come
  • Live the life of your dreams on your terms
... the possibilities are endless!
Are any or many of the above statement true of you?
So what is stopping you from grabbing the gold ring and having it all?
Is it because...
  • You know you have a message but you don't know how to put it into words?
  • You lack a system to create your signature talk and put speaking on auto-pilot?
  • You don't know where to go to speak or how to get speaking gigs?
  • You are not sure whether or not anyone even wants to hear your message?
  • You have a pretty good story but it just isn't coming out right?
  • You don't know how to monetize your message?
  • You don't know how to get rid of the fear that stops you in your tracks?
  • You know you need to speak but have been putting it off for years?
Are any or many of the above statement true of you?
If yes, don't worry, together we can change that.
Hi, I'm Arvee Robinson
The Master Speaker Trainer, international speaker, and author. For the past fifteen years I've traveled the world speaking and training others to speak. 

I've given over 3,500 speeches and trained over 5,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, coaches, consultants, and authors to become million dollar speakers. I taught them and I can teach you, too!
Join me and 100 future million-dollar speakers for 3 powerful days of revolutionary techniques and innovative strategies and learn how to create a million-dollar business by stepping on stage and into the spotlight.

Here are a few million dollar speaking secrets you will learn:
How to craft your signature talk using a proven system... 
with a step-by-step blueprint for what to say, when to say it, and how to say it more persuasively. 
The 3 BIGGEST mistakes most new speakers make... 
when trying to give public presentations and how to instantly look like a seasoned speaking professional by avoiding these goof-ups! 
What specifically you must do...
during your presentations in order to generate leads and clients. Most business owners leave this step out and only waste their time and effort - but after this seminar you will never make the same mistake again! 
How to leverage your time and money...
and make more sales by speaking in front of groups instead of spending hours meeting prospects one by one.
3 magnetic ways you can command the attention of any audience... 
in the first 10 seconds - even if you are not a very outgoing person or a "booming" presenter. 
How to find more opportunities to speak... 
to local groups of your ideal prospects and how to get invited as a speaker. 
Little known secrets the pros won't tell you about... 
how to control your nervousness. 
(Note: Most every public speaker is nervous before delivering a presentation, but they learn how to control it. After this seminar you too will know their secrets of how to do it!)  
How to share your message, inspire your audience...
change lives for a living, get paid speaking your passion, and leave your mark.
The 3 most important speeches every business owner must perfect... 
in order to explode their business growth every time they speak.
How to turn your words into wealth...
by attracting high-paying clients, generating endless leads, and selling from the platform.
The 4 stories you must include in every speech...
and how to use them to captivate your audience and invisibly sell.
Why you need to host your own live events...
because getting people into your own room is where you can make the most impact and the most money.
Powerful body language...
that exudes confidence, animates your stories, and speaks louder than words.
How to position yourself as the leading authority...
in your industry and become the top leader and effortlessly dominate your competition.
The secret to getting on other people's stages...
without being obnoxious and ruining any future speaking opportunities.
is getting people into your own room by creating your own live events, workshops, and stages.
What Makes this Public Speaking Workshop Different?
I get it. There are a lot of so-called public speaking seminars, workshops, and events out there. You may have even attended some and so have I. Often they are rah-rah or woo-woo, talking ABOUT speaking with very little substance on how to actually do it. 

This seminar is the furthest from anything close to rah-rah or woo-woo! As a matter of fact, this training is ALL about how to use speaking to grow your business, monetize your message, and make a difference with your words. If that is of interest to you, keep reading...

This is not my first rodeo. I have been hosting, promoting, and training public speaking seminars, workshops, and live events for the past ten years. I've created over 500 one-day public events to four-day exclusive events and everything in between.
Difference #1: This event is focused 100% on public speaking training, techniques, and strategies designed to teach you how to use speaking to grow your business, make more money, change lives for a living, make a huge impact, and leave a legacy by an experienced speaker, master speaker trainer, and seminar leader!
This event is NOT a pitch-a-thon. We've all attended multi-speaker events where every speaker sold from the platform. Most of the time it was a hard sales pitch and in some cases they used hypnotism, guilt, or bullying to get the audience to buy. This will not happen at this event, I promise.

I am the main trainer at this event and will be speaking 90% of the time. To give myself a break to regenerate, I've invited 3 special speaker friends. One of them will be speaking each of the three days. They will invite you to participate in one of their programs and have been coached by me not to use any high-pressure sales techniques other than a simple invitation.
Difference #2: This event is NOT a multi-speaker, sell-a-thon. I have invited three top speakers to share their message and services with you that I believe compliment my speaker training. 100% of the speaker training will be taught by me.
Have you ever walked out of an event after spending time and money to get there just to look at your notes and discover you got nothing! It has happened to me more than once. I keep waiting for the meat, for the nuggets of valuable information, something useful but I never received anything! 

I guarantee you will receive over-the-top value. I've designed 3 powerful days of content with real-life speaking techniques, tools, systems, and blueprints that you can immediately use to create your own million dollar speech when you leave this event.
Difference #3: Real-life public speaking content and training that I use every time I speak. And you get ME mentoring you for 3 days! You will receive your MBA in speaking (Mentored By Arvee).
Arvee Robinson is The Master Speaker Trainer, International Speaker, and Author. She teaches business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers and authors how to use public speaking as a marketing strategy so they can attract more clients, generate unlimited leads, grow their businesses, and get their message out to the world. Arvee has delivered over 3,500 speeches, and has trained over 5,000 individuals to become million dollar speakers. 

As a high-energy motivational speaker, Arvee has shared the stage with speaking giants such as Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, Chris Howard, Raymond Aaron, Jay Conrad Livingston, Tommy Hopkins, Bill Walsh, and many more. Arvee offers private coaching, workshops, home study courses and weekly teleclasses and webinars. Her million dollar speaker training programs will make you money for the rest of your life. 
It is like no other Speaker Training out there!
It is a high-energy, non-stop value from start to finish
  • No smoke and mirrors
No fancy gimmicks
  • No cookie-cutter approach
  • No sell-a-thons
No talking at you
  • No embarrasing moments
Only great usable content, professionally delivered from real life experience.
It's the REAL DEAL presented in a REAL WAY
It's one thing to talk about speaking and another to actually speak. During this 3-day million dollar speaker training you will learn valuable techniques, proven systems, and innovative approaches that I use in my own business. The best part is that you will learn in-valuable lessons I learned from my own 30 years of speaking experience. Yes, that's right. I'm going to turn back the stage curtain and show you where the pot-holes, the land mines, and cliffs are so you can avoid falling into them yourself. This will save you hours of time, tons of money, and prevent lost opportunities.
I'll teach you how to avoid these tragedies.... 
  • Where to find the right speaking engagements and what ones to avoid like the plague!

  • How to handle a heckler in your audience, and yes sooner or later you will have one.

  • How to keep your cool when your speech goes up in flames.

  • What to do when your technology doesn't work and you're not technical.
  • When to use PowerPoint and when it can sabotage your message.

  • What to wear so your clothes don't speak louder than you do.

  • How to use your own personal humor not anyone else's.

  • Make sure your body language is sending the same message you are.
  • And much more!
Join me and I will show you my million dollar speaker system to create your own million dollar message!
Learn speaking skills that you will never find anywhere else on the planet...guaranteed!
It's one thing to talk about speaking and another to actually speak. During this 3-day million dollar speaker training you will learn valuable techniques, proven systems, and innovative approaches that I use in my own business. The best part is that you will learn in-valuable lessons I learned from my own 30 years of speaking experience. Yes, that's right. I'm going to turn back the stage curtain and show you where the pot-holes, the land minds, and cliffs are so you can avoid falling into them yourself. This will save you hours of time, tons of money, and prevent lost opportunities.
The opportunity to step on stage with your new learned skills in a supportive environment.
During the 3 days I will invite a few volunteers to join me on stage to demonstrate what you have learned. This is a great opportunity for you to share what you do and let people know you are in the room!

Network with other speakers, professionals, and entrepreneurs and build life-long relationships.
You will have plenty of time to meet other awesome people attending this event, both during the event and on the breaks. We will conduct breakout sessions, meet and greets, networking opportunities, and VIP events where you can meet other high-achieving business owners that you may want to partner with. We have seen highly profitable connections grow out of meeting at this event. Set your intentions on meeting your next business partner, joint venture partner, or client.
Promote your business by volunteering for a hot seat breakthrough.
When you volunteer to sit on the hot seat where we explore your business and create a business breakthrough, you will have the opportunity to share with the audience what you do, where you do it, and for whom you do it. This will give you visibility for the entire weekend and could get you unexpected clients.
Become a VIP and enjoy exclusive networking opportunities with high level entrepreneurs like yourself.
When you upgrade to VIP status you will receive added networking and mastermind opportunities with other VIP's. You will enjoy a delicious sit-down lunch with special sessions such as masterminds, presentations, and Q & As.
Radisson Hotel Newport Beach
4545 MacArthur Blvd. 
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 833-0570
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 “Arvee taught me a speaker system worth a million dollars!" -Julie Kotoff
 “Best speaker trainer I know… "
-David Fagan
“This speaker training is for people who want to get their message out to the world!” -Mary Coles
“This is an A-Class event, it doesn’t get any better than this…” -Michael Lowe
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